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In today's Internet driven computer industry, networking has become increasingly important in distributed computer communications. Whether for home, business, multi-site, or Internet distribution, Drive-X provides many solutions for all clients no matter what the application.

Let us assist you with your network technology needs, whether it is simple networking for your home or office, a business with remote offices, home and office remote access, voice/video conferencing, or online meetings and collaboration, we can help!


Drive-X Computers specializes in building custom systems to maximize performance for your buying dollar. To offer the lowest price at all times, we do not stock computer systems. If you are interested in purchasing a system, please contact us. We can help you determine what components you really need and give you an immediate quote to ensure you get the best buy.

Drive-X Computers is a Registered Microsoft® Partner and authorized OEM System Builder and offers today's latest Windows® products for your business or home needs. Ask us about how Windows® 7 can help improve your computer's performance and increase your productivity. Drive-X Computers also provides Linux and other open-source solutions to interested clients.


Depending on your current system configuration, we offer upgrades for many of your computer components. Whether you need memory, storage, sound, or graphic upgrades to improve your system's performance, we offer competitive prices on all components from the leading technology manufacturers.


We offer computer repair at affordable prices so you can have your computer working at all times without emptying your wallet. We specialize in hardware and software of many types so that we may correctly troubleshoot major computer failures. Repairs require a non-refundable appraisal fee that is applied to the cost of the repair.