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Servers & Operating Systems

We leverage the latest server technologies from Microsoft® and open-source offerings to best meet your needs and budget. We can provide expert guidance with integrating technologies such as Windows® and Office®-products to boost your productivity. Whether you need simple solutions for word processing and collaboration or advanced solutions including your own electronic communications server with Exchange Server®, we can help!

Contact us to learn more about the latest Microsoft® products, such as Windows® 7 Professional, Office® Professional 2010, Windows® Server 2008-products for Home, Web and Enterprise, Windows® Small Business Server 2011, Exchange Server® 2010, Lync Server 2010, SharePoint® Server 2010, SQL Server® 2008, and more!


We know that many businesses run on third-party software that tends to fall behind the latest powerful desktop and server operating systems, but with virtualization technologies, you can keep your business running with ease even if you need new equipment and software!

With virtualization technologies, you can run your legacy applications in a virtual environment on even the newest of desktops and servers. If your server room is full or environmental factors such as physical space or heat are an issue, then virtualization could also help consolidate all your servers onto just one or a few physical servers, reducing hardware and environmental costs! Virtualization is the IT industry's most popular "green" technology today.

Web Design & Hosting

Today, the Internet is a tremendous opportunity for private and business ventures. To make the most of an Internet presence, it is important to maintain a professionally developed web page. Clients expect a quality site that provides their information with an intuitive user interface and seemless graphical design.

At Drive-X Computers, we use all of the latest techniques to help facilitate your web needs. Be it online commerce, managing databases, or even dynamic art galleries, we supply the services necessary to create and host all forms of web content. We use many of the popular technologies such as XHTML, CSS, SQL, XML, PHP, ASP, Flash, Silverlight®, and Java to develop advanced web content for all our clients. In addition to hosting, we offer domain registration and name servers for all our web design clients.


Whether your software needs are business related or for home use, Drive-X Computers provides custom applications programming for many of today's popular platforms. If you operate UNIX, Windows®, or other systems and need specific software, come talk with us and we will discuss how we can use the latest programming technologies to accomplish your business or personal goals.


Today, more so than ever before, there is an ever increasing number of technology solutions appearing on the market. With so much new technology, it is a struggle to find appropriate training to move to these new technologies. Whatever your needs, we can suggest appropriate training solutions.