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Mission Statement

Established in 1998, Drive-X has been a symbol of excellence and innovation. Our mission is to provide professional consulting and outsourcing services that exceed the expectations of our clients and surpass the quality of service offered by our competitors. We believe that these services should be affordable for all clients, which is why we provide them at a low, competitive rate.

Drive-X is a responsible member of the Maine community and we support those organizations, both local and national, which encourage education in technology. Additionally, we offer valuable consulting services, all provided within a personal, relaxed atmosphere.

We strive to continually expand our business and encompass a broader range of services. Founded in 2000, our subsidiary Drive-X GAMERS brought to Maine a new innovation in game entertainment. Our Auburn location offered an unrivaled atmosphere, fast network, and high quality equipment that allowed us to host national tournaments and our customers to simultaneously connect to popular multiplayer games. Drive-X GAMERS is proud to develop a safe environment for members of the community to socially interact and have fun.

Competitive Strategy

Across Maine there are a number of consulting and IT outsourcing shops that offer similar services. However, the vast majority are high priced and do not offer the level of quality we believe is necessary for success. Our business focus is on quality service, which means we emphasize personal and social interaction while providing training for clients that is technical, yet comprehendible.

Both owners have over 30 years of combined IT-related education and experience. Jason Cloutier has experience with IT in the healthcare sector and studied Computer Technology with a focus in education, networking, and hardware at SMTC. Mason Langelier has experience with IT in the legal sector as well as small businesses and studied Computer & Systems Engineering with a concentration in networking at RPI. Each has extensive personal experience and devotion to computer education. Both have worked together on many previous successful projects.

Service Description

The cost of high-speed Internet, professional-grade software, and access to superior computing equipment is too expensive for most consumers and business owners. Our philosophy is to provide these services at an affordable price. We prefer to supply top-of-the-line equipment and our first priority is to the needs of our clients. These are some of the important services we offer:

With years of experience in networking and software, we have built many industry contacts and developed an in-depth knowledge of hardware, software, Internet, and systems applications. We intend to prioritize customer service and make it a key component of our marketing programs. We believe by providing our customers with what they want, when and how they want it, is the key to repeat business and to word-of-mouth advertising. In addition, we will continually monitor our clients' level of satisfaction with our service through surveys and other convenient feedback opportunities.